Last night Gail texted me for a ride in Ventura. It was an early call. I had to be there at 6:50 which meant I had to get up at 5:30. And I did! I didn’t realize that there was a city called Ventura. I just thought it was the name of a county. Ventura, the city, is past Camarillo. I didn’t know that.

It was a cool ride, with the top down, no traffic and I got there at 6:57. We did not leave right away, so all was good.

Gail gave me a ton of stuff. I guess I needed jerseys. Now, I have plenty between what Gail gave me and what Sue gave me last week. Gail gave me a water bottle too. Gail is terrific!

Once we took off, we rode down Foothill. We took a couple of pictures and then when we hit 10 miles we took a break and had a Kind bar. On the way back we encountered many more uphills, but I did them all. The temperature was perfect! Ventura reminded me a lot of Santa Monica.

When we got back Gail invited me for pizza at her Marco’s Pizza place. She is really a terrific person.