My Work with the Arthritis Foundation

California Coast Classic 2021
September 18-25
San Francisco to Los Angeles

I had the time of my life! 525 miles of scenic beauty – California’s coastline, wineries, ranches, farmland, seaside villages, and beaches. An exciting way to see the Golden State, meet wonderful people and donate to a great cause!

California Coast Classic 2020
October 2020
San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County

Due to Covid, the CCC was a remote ride – beautiful way to explore my neighborhood and surrounding counties!

Thank you, Jennifer and the entire AM 870 team!

I couldn’t have done it without you!

In order to participate in the CCC, I needed a high-performance bike. Luckily for me, AM870 – the radio station that I listen to in the morning, was sponsoring a contest. In order to enter, I had to send in a video explaining how the radio had affected my life. The grand prize was $1,000. So, I sat down, recorded a 2-minute video and sent it in. I waited and waited and then 6 weeks later, they called to tell me that I won the contest!

My New Bike

Me with my new bike!

The Old Kranks

At first, I did a lot of cycling by myself. Then I registered for the California Coast Classic from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I joined Team Billy and started riding with other cyclists who were raising money for the Arthritis Foundation. And then I was introduced to the Old Kranks.

The Old Kranks is a group of dedicated cyclists aged 50+ who ride all over Ventura County. I met so many wonderful friends and I rode a lot of great routes. Riding with the Old Kranks gave me a lot of confidence.


My initial involvement with the Arthritis Foundation began many years ago when I received a call from ONEgeneration, a community enrichment center for senior citizens. The director asked me if I was interested in enrolling in an exercise training program for the Arthritis Foundation. I am a teacher, but I had never thought of teaching an exercise class.

I taught the class for several years and I loved it! One time I told them, “You are my favorite students because you listen to me.” And then Bernie said, “We listen to you, but we don’t always hear you!”

Wheel World

As an avid cyclist I know the importance of finding a great bicycle shop for service, maintenance and repair.

For great quality service, I highly recommend Wheel World. They have two locations – Culver City and Woodland Hills.

Whether you are looking for a new bike, or need a general check-up for your current bike, Wheel World is there for you. In addition, they also have a wide selection of bikes including suspension, road, mountain, and cruisers. Whatever your cycling style is, Wheel World has something for you.

But I like Wheel World for its great customer service – friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Always going the extra mile so you can be the cyclist you were meant to be.

Whatever your bicycle needs be sure to stop in at Wheel World for world class service.

Hazard’s CycleSport

And if you happen to be in the Santa Barbara area, Hazard’s Cyclesport is your one stop shop for bikes, accessories, clothing, bike parts, and service.

Always friendly and professional.

Hazard’s also offers a number of services including tune-ups, overhauls and personalized bike fits. Whatever your cycling needs, Hazard’s is there for you and your bike.

Traveling to a foreign country and want to take your bike with you? No worries! Matt at Hazard’s Cyclesport will disassemble and securely pack it up for you. And on the way back, Matt will unpack and assemble your bike so you will be back on the road in no time.

“Luella is an excellent certified Arthritis Foundation Instructor. She volunteered twice a week at ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center, teaching “Be Fit While U Sit” to a class of almost 30 students. Her unique approach to engage her students and bring a positive energy to the class put a smile on the seniors’ faces and made them eager to come back to take the next class. Luella is a fantastic instructor and we hope she will continue to be a part of our center.”
Jenna Hauss – Director, Senior Enrichment Center & Care Management Program
“My friends and I agree that one of the highlights of our week is our workout classes with Luella Wagner. We enjoy the exercises, the music, and her upbeat positive personality. Best of all, we feel better and more youthful and energized afterwards!”
Carol Fox, Exercise Participant