29 07, 2020

Caught in Neptune’s Net

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I met up with the Old Kranks in Camarillo. It was a good ride. I rode with Sam, Barbara, Daniel, Mike, and Allen. We rode from Camarillo to PCH and then we rode down the coast to Neptune’s Net. They were a pretty fast group, but I kept up with them. Once we got to Neptune’s Net, I got the chance to talk with Barbara. She asked if I had done the CCC, probably because of my shirt. I told her I hadn’t and then she mentioned that she knew they were not going to have the CCC because they [...]

18 07, 2020

Hiding out in Hidden Valley

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I headed out to Gelson’s to ride with the Old Kranks. I skipped the warm up and arrived at the meet up at 8:30. There was only one other person there – Bryan. He is a graduate of UCLA, so we had something in common. We waited awhile, but no one else showed up, so we ventured out on our own to Hidden Valley. Bryan took the lead and was happy to follow, since I didn’t know where I was going. Bryan is fast, but I was able to keep up. There was a steep trial near Sherwood Lake, but [...]

17 07, 2020

Morning in Westlake Village

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Today I met up with the Old Kranks at Gelson’s in Westlake Village. There were quite a number of cyclists there, Allen who I road with on the WAR ride a few weeks ago. I rode with four other guys. They were all older than me, Earl being 83! And then I met Stephen. He is from Massachusetts. It is amazing the people I am meeting. We first did a warm up ride around Westlake Village and then we went back to Gelson’s and picked up Ben. We then rode all around Westlake Village. California is really a beautiful state. [...]

5 07, 2020

Recovery Ride

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Back to Patagonia, where I met with Gail, Sue, and Dave. Even though I was tired from the day before I was excited about this ride. I love riding up the coast. We made our way up Ventura along the beach all the way to Bates Road. We took a few stops here and there. Once we got to Bates we did a turnaround and came back to Patagonia. The ride was a lot easier than yesterday, but I still clocked a little over 26 miles. So, for two day ride I did a little under 70 miles. When I [...]

4 07, 2020

A Hot Day in Ojai

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I met Gail and Dave at Patagonia and we were off for an adventure in Ojai. I had driven through Ojai in the past and Joe had taken me there for a smoothie once, but this ride took me through the outback trails of Ojai. It was a beautiful day as we rode through the woods and made our way to downtown Ojai. Gail wanted to stop at a couple of stores. It was a quaint little Main Street with creameries, boutiques, and candy shops. It was the 4th of July, so we caught a glimpse of a parade with [...]