31 05, 2020


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Today, I was very tired, but I wasn’t aching or anything. I was still bummed out about not recording all my miles on Strava – and then the good news. Gail had recorded the ride on her Strava and sent it to me! Saved! Even though we did not do the exact same route coming back, 45 miles sounded a lot better than 33.3. So I was able to post a more accurate account of what I had actually ridden. I felt good about that!

30 05, 2020

Zooming up the Coast

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Today was a big day. I met up with “the group” – 5 wonderful women who are all cyclist. Suzi arranged the whole day. I met Sue at her house in Westlake and then we met up with Suzi, Gail, Tracey, and Noreen. And then we headed up the coast all the way to Carpentaria! The ride was glorious. On my left was the beautiful Pacific Ocean, to my right Pacific Coast Highway. The path was wonderful. Once we hit Carpentaria there were many beautiful country back roads. I am seeing so many parts of California that I never knew [...]

26 05, 2020

Glorious Malibu

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Greg was always talking about Malibu, so today I set out to ride along Zuma Beach. It was already hot in the Valley – up to 80 degrees by 10:00, but it was still in the low 70’s by the beach. I took Kanan Road, the same road I rode yesterday, but this time I took a left to get to the beach. I have to say, Kanan Road is beautiful in both directions. The hills are so captivating, almost like in the Sound of Music. And with the top down I am completely surrounded by the beauty. Now I [...]

25 05, 2020

Loop Around the Village

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I woke up early, packed my bike in my Mini, took the freeway to Kanan Road, parked my car, and set out. It was still cool and there were bike riders along the way. It was a beautiful ride and I really did need the change of scenery. I can’t believe how much of California there is waiting for me to see. It truly is the most beautiful place on earth. Kanan Road was just a long string of beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants. The road was wide and the bike paths were smooth. There was a little bit [...]

23 05, 2020

All the Way to Shoshone

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Suzi and I were supposed to bike out in Santa Clarita today and I was just about ready to leave when she texted me and asked if we could reschedule. No problem! But what was I to do. It was 7:30, I was all dressed and ready to go. I decided to ride my bike anyway. But, “Where to?” I asked myself and right away I got the answer, “Off to Shoshone.” I had never gone that far to Granada Hills before. I had ridden to Sierra Canyon Elementary School a few weeks ago, but adding on Shoshone and back [...]

21 05, 2020

Made it to Kanan

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I was determined to make it to Kanan. It was uphill for a lot of the way, but I got there. I was so glad when I saw the sign “Kanan Road”. This was my second longest ride. I thought I would hit 30 miles but I came in a little less at 26.91. My longest ride to date is 27.40, so another ½ mile I would have beaten my own record, but I am happy with 26.91 and I reached my goal of Kanan Road.

17 05, 2020

Biking in Santa Clarita

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Since I joined Team Billy, I have met some truly amazing people and that was one of my goals when I decided to participate in the CCC. I joined Team Billy last week because their posting on the Arthritis Foundation website was so positive and inviting and those weren’t mere words! When I spoke with Suzi, I told her that I had a flat tire and that my bicycle shop was so backlogged that I would have to wait 2 weeks before I could get it fixed. She was all over it! The next day, she called to tell me [...]

16 05, 2020

Walk to Cure Arthritis

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Today was the “Walk to Cure Arthritis”. The last time I was out riding I found this beautiful hidden away park, Juan Bautista de Anza Park. It was right off Lost Hills Road in Calabasas, so that is where I went for my walk. Once I got there I signed in for the virtual “walk” and then I began my stroll along the Los Virgenes Creek. It wasn’t a strenuous hike, it was a leisurely walk where I could take in the scenery, the biodiversity, and the other people I passed along the way – and I never knew this [...]

14 05, 2020

Hiking, but No Strava

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I went for another hike. It was a glorious day! I went a little further than yesterday, but the real bummer was something went haywire with my Strava. I hiked for almost 2 hours, but when I checked my Strava, it recorded only .37 miles. I don’t know what happened, but I know I went further than that. I was also really glad that I had gotten a flat tire on Sunday. It all made sense to me now, had I not gotten the flat tire, I never would have started to cross train. I actually felt really good after [...]