I hadn’t ridden for 5 days. I was recovering from my 45-mile ride on Saturday. Plus, it had been a really hot week. Today I wanted to work on strength, so I opted for the hills of Calabasas. It was cool, so I knew I had a good chance of making it up the hills. And I was right. I finally made it up the hill in front of Bob Smith Dealership. I usually had to stop about 2 or 3 times. This time I made it all the way to the top without stopping. I think it is a combination of 2 things. I am getting stronger and I am learning how to use the gears.

Mureau Drive is all downhill. I took a left on Las Virgenes and rode to Lost Hills. I took a right on Lost Hills and rode to Agoura Road. A tough climb up, but I did it. Feeling stronger with every climb. Once on Agoura Road, that was the halfway mark and I had to be back to tutor Brianna on Zoom.

Road Agoura back to Las Virgenes and then up Mureau Drive. It was cool, so I was able to do it with only a few stops. I made it back in time to tutor Brianna.