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Winner of the Festigious International Film Festival

Festigious International Film Festival Winner!

I want to extend a big “Thank You” to the Festigious Film Festival for recognizing Lily of the Mohawks.

I also want to thank my film crew from Loyola Marymount University, the City of Angels Kateri Circle and Holy Spirit Retreat Center for making it happen. I couldn’t have done it without you.

The Seven Directions Of The Medicine Wheel

The Seven Directions Of The Medicine Wheel: A Practical Guide For Everyday Living Based On Native American Teachings will bring balance, harmony, and beauty into your life by working with the Creator and applying simple and practical lessons found in nature. Based on Northern Cheyenne teachings, the book focuses on one’s spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health through all the stages of life. Ideal book for students, educators, administrators, and business executives.

“LuLu’s wisdom and insight offer the reader an opportunity to explore an intimate inward journey with the Medicine Wheel’s deeper meanings, its circular shape, its furred and feathered Spirit Guides and its Seven Directions.”
Shahara Redbird, Rainbow Medicine Woman
“Loved Luella’s journey to the Native American Medicine Wheel. The book becomes inspirational, devotional and motivational as she describes the Medicine Wheel symbols with respect and honor to our Native American people. A good path to follow. AHO!”
Mary Meier, President of St. Kateri Circle, St. Lawrence Martyr Catholic Church, Redondo Beach, California
“I’ve always felt books contain their own special magic. Part of that magic is finding its way to a reader who needs something hidden within its pages. That’s what happened when I read The Seven Directions of the Medicine Wheel by Luella Wagner. As someone who is connected to animals I knew I would be welcomed into the story. However, the invitation to journey at length with Owl and Coyote took me by surprise. It was as if traveling with them had been written down long before I knew of this book. There was more for me to learn and the drum that had been at my side for thirty-five years have me her blessing. It is truly a pleasure to recommend this gentle and uplifting book.”
Christine Davis, author, illustrator, founder of Lighthearted Press

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Bloom Where You Are Planted

My one-woman show tells my story of leaving the familiar and venturing into an unknown territory, facing obstacles and challenges, finding purpose, and bringing new knowledge back home while dramatizing the journey with laughter and tears along the way. Pictures, videos, the sounds of winter, and music all come together to make the show funny and entertaining!