Bloom Where You Are Planted

After losing her job and with 12% unemployment, the only job Luella could find was teaching on an Indian reservation in Montana – negative zero-degree temperatures, no car, no internet, no Starbucks – it was the best thing that could have happened to her! Luella tells her story of survival and forgiveness with candor, humor and wit. This presentation would work particularly well for graduate credential programs for future teachers, counselors, and administrators, but all college students would benefit from the presentation since it is a story of turning a difficult situation into a winning opportunity – an inspiration for anyone going through a tough time!

The Seven Directions of the Medicine Wheel

In this session, Luella explains the meaning of the seven directions, lessons from the animals represented in each direction and the practical application for everyday living. The Seven Directions of the Medicine Wheel will bring balance, harmony, and beauty into your life by working with the Creator and applying simple and practical lessons found in nature. Based on Northern Cheyenne teachings, this session focuses on one’s spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health through all the stages of life. Participants will learn to: identify life’s transitions and how to optimize opportunities and avoid setbacks, adapt to the stages of life and achieve maximum benefit at every stage, align with the seasons and work with nature and the Creator to achieve one’s best life.

Luella’s book of the same title is an excellent companion to this session.

Bring the Labyrinth to your College Campus

Engage your campus community in a relaxing labyrinth walk that promotes well-being, reduces stress and anxiety, and allows one to reconnect with nature and the cycle of the seasons. An ancient meditation tool, the labyrinth offers guidance, direction and insight into understanding today’s problems by reclaiming a sense of purpose. In this session, Luella will explore the history, symbolism, and mysteries of the labyrinth and show the practical value of walking it. If your community is interested in constructing a temporary labyrinth or installing a permanent one, Luella will guide you through that process as well.

Luella Wagner is a Certified Labyrinth Facilitator.

Teacher Empowerment
or Everything I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Went into The Classroom

With anecdotes from her teaching career that spans nearly 30 years, 3 countries, an island in the South Pacific and an Indian reservation in the Montana, Luella will engage and entertain future teachers and equip them with the basic essentials to become effective and successful in the classroom for years to come. Topics include how to: formulate a mission statement, acquire a mentor, find the “right” school, develop organizational skills, and plan for retirement. A worthwhile addition for any teacher credential program!

10 Practical Points for Principals

Having worked with the best and the brightest of administrators as well as those that lacked the necessary skills to lead, Luella has comprised 10 principles for effective administrative leadership. Topics include recruitment and retention of top teachers, the qualities and characteristics of outstanding and influential administrators as well as habits and practices that will command respect from students and gain loyalty from faculty and staff. Her presentation includes personal stories of principals who inspired and motivated their faculty to reach their highest potential as well as those who negatively impacted their schools by “killing” the passion and creativity of their teachers. An entertaining and informative complement for any administrator credential program!

“Luella Wagner’s classes and presentations are creative, multifaceted and always inspired by the needs of today’s students. She utilizes storytelling, videos and articles to help her audience discover their own path on their faith journey. Weaving aspects of all cultures and faiths into every lesson, Wagner speaks to the true meaning behind embracing diversity.”
Gina Finer – Principal of Immaculate Heart Middle School, Los Angeles
“Luella’s presentation on the labyrinth was both informative and captivating. She shared the history, the meaning, and the purpose of the labyrinth with our entire faculty. We were grateful for the opportunity to have the labyrinth on campus for students, faculty, and staff to explore.”
Naemah Morris – Principal of Immaculate Heart High School, Los Angeles
“On our 8th grade retreat, the class of 2018-2019 went to Mater Dolorosa. First, we had been split up into groups and went on a tour. We felt that it was a beautiful place, with a lot of interesting history. Then, we went into a room to have a quick snack. We watched Pinocchio afterwards. During that movie, we learned about not only the importance of honesty, but also so much more. For example, we learned about being friends with the wrong people, and how that can change your character. Overall, we feel that the retreat was not only a fun beginning of the year, but also a helpful one. This retreat will help guide us through our 8th grade year, and maybe even on to high school.”
Lana Campanella and Eleanor Peterson – Students