Today I rode further and longer than any other ride I have done so far, but I planned it that way. I usually think about my ride the night before. I plan it out in my head. So the night before, I decided that I was going to ride to Calabasas. I imagined in my mind riding down Burbank to Valley Circle, taking a left, then over the 101 Freeway, left on Calabasas Road, then a right on Mureau Road all the way to Las Virgenes in Calabasas. That was my plan as I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and knew I was going for a long ride. It takes me awhile to “get ready” before I go for a ride. I wear leggings and my bike shorts and I wear another pair of workout pants. I only wear the work out pants because they have pockets and I want to ride with my phone. I need the phone for company and security in case something happens and I am far from home. So, I always have my ear buds with me too. I wear a shirt and a sweatshirt since it is still a little bit cold. Then I wear sunglasses and my helmet and I am ready to take off.

It was a beautiful day; the temperature was 78 degrees. Because everyone is practicing “Safe at home” there were not that many cars on the road. Just as I planned I went down Burbank to Valley Circle, went over the 101 Freeway and then left on Calabasas Road. It was uphill on Calabasas Road, but I did it. Up until today, most of my riding has been straight and level, but today’s ride was full of ups and downs. I passed Bob Smith Car Dealership and then I took a right on Mureau Road and it was all downhill. I am enjoying the acceleration and the exhilaration that goes along with it. I am not sure what it is, but there is something about going downhill that is quite a thrill, like a roller coaster, but better.

Since I will be riding throughout the San Fernando Valley and the surrounding areas, I decided to take some pictures of my journey. Since today’s ride was so beautiful, I ended up stopping and taking quite a few pictures that I am going to share on my blog.

After I reached Las Virgenes, I turned around and came back. I saw quite a few gardeners and construction workers on my ride. I guess because they are outside and they practice social distancing they can still keep their jobs. Going back home all the downhills were now uphills and I did make quite a few stops, but I always made it to the top.

I enjoyed my ride and I was proud of myself that I went the full distance, but the next day I was so sore. But I don’t complain. My father had rheumatoid arthritis and whenever I get sore and I feel like complaining I just look at his picture and tell myself to “shut up.”