I went on a much longer bike ride today. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, a couple of clouds, but the temperature was mild with a slight breeze. I have been riding a new bike route and I love the scenery. During this corona madness, I’ve seen more people out on their bikes, parents walking with their children and a number of people walking their dogs. With fewer cars, I notice more things going on around me.

Even though there are fewer cars and even though I can’t hear a car coming, I always “look” both ways before I cross the street. I look to one side, I look to the other side and then I look straight ahead and I always look at what’s right in front of me. While there are fewer cars, there is still the same amount of bumps, potholes, and cracks. All it takes is one little bump, one little crack, one little twist of my tire and I’m down on the ground. So, I am ever so cautious while I am riding my bike.

I stopped at the church parking lot and I posted a little video on my Instagram and then I got back on the bike path. I wasn’t sure how far I was going to go, but I ended up going all the way to Lake Manor in Chatsworth. The last time I went that far, I hadn’t checked the weather and I got caught in the rain. This time it was a much nicer ride and I didn’t get wet.

And that reminds me. I am beginning to notice that with fewer cars, the air quality “seems” to be better. So, there may be some really good benefits to staying home other than avoiding the corona virus.

Even though the Coronavirus is taking over the nation, I try to stay positive and I do all I can to stay healthy. Last year I got sick and this year I made every effort to stay healthy. Before the corona virus even took the stage, I was taking my vitamins, eating healthy, getting the right amount of sleep, exercising, and probably the most important thing of all, surrounding myself with positive people. I continue to do that and I hope you do too!