Today, I rode with the Old Kranks to Santa Barbara. It was a great ride. We met at Public Shoals Beach. We rode the bike path to Bates Road. That is one of my favorite rides – along the coast. But then there is the uphill climb, but I am getting better at it. I remember the first time I attempted that climb with Gail. It was tough. Now, that I know how to shift, it is a lot easier. We rode through Carpentaria and made a stop at Lookout Park. It is a beautiful spot and I took a few pictures. Leaving the park I took a fall, but I landed on the grass. Ron was ahead of me and instead of running into him, I fell, but I didn’t hurt myself. Earl was there to help me up.

At the end of our ride, we stopped for lunch at Padaro Beach Grill. I sat with Wendy and Allen. I got the quesadilla appetizer, but it was as big as a pizza. I only ate some of it and then I packed the rest in my pouch and brought it home for dinner.

Round trip 42 miles with an elevation of 1400+

When I got home I went for a swim in the pool. The temperature was perfect and I got in quite a few laps. I felt great afterward.