It was a beautiful day again today. I was feeling not quite so sore from the other day when I took that fall. I rode my bike over to Fallbrook. I took a couple of side streets, I am still getting used to my new bike. I don’t want to go over a pothole and then fall in front of a car and splatter all over the place. That would be awful.

After I veered off of Fallbrook, I took a couple of side streets and then I got back on the bike path. I rode past Roscoe and then I took a left on Eccles. There is a little bit less traffic on those streets. I crossed Topanga and then I headed up to Parthenia. Once I crossed Parthenia, I headed to Canoga and then got on the bike path that follows the same direction as the Metro Orange line.

Greg was right. My new bike makes all the difference, in terms of speed and ease. I am able to go faster and the ride is easier.

Greg and his wife, Karen, live in my building. They are both avid cyclists and they both have really nice bikes. One time when we were talking, I told him of my goal to do a long-distance bike ride and Greg told me that the original bike I was riding was not meant for long distances and that I would have to get a new bike if I was serious about doing a long-distance ride. When he told me how much they cost, I was discouraged because I didn’t know where I was going to get the money from. And then I won the grand prize from AM 870!

I love it when life does things like that.

Once I got to Nordhoff, I took a break and I shared a thought on Instagram. The ride back was easy. I didn’t follow the Metro line all the way back. I crossed at Chase and then made my way back to the bike path on Fallbrook. When I got back home I posted my video on Facebook and Instagram. I also gave a “cyclist’s tip.”

While I always take the bike path, I am still cognizant of the drivers that might jut out when I least expect it. So, whenever I approach a crossing with a car, I always make sure that the driver sees me before I cross. I usually wave and many times they wave back, so I am making a lot of new friends along the journey while keeping safe and staying alive.