Today, I bought my new bike. I went back to Santa Monica Cyclery and sealed the deal. Roman made me feel very comfortable that I had made the right decision. There were many bikes to choose from, but I knew that I had picked the right one. I told Roman that I had won $1,000.00 and that was where I got the money to buy my new bike. I don’t think I would have been able to buy my bike if I had not won the contest with AM870. I am so grateful to AM870 and Santa Monica Cyclery for helping me make this happen.

I was really excited about my new bike. I have a Mini Cooper and since my bike would not fit in my car, I decided to ride my bike home and then walk back to get my car. Roman fixed the seat for me and made sure everything was in pristine condition and then I took off on my new bike. I rode down Ventura Blvd., and then I took a right on Topanga. I was feeling good. I was going to turn on Burbank, but I wanted to ride around the block. And then it happened. There wasn’t a bike path, so I was riding on the sidewalk and I came to that part where one sidewalk square was a little bit taller than the one next to it. My tire was so thin that instead of reaching over the uneven crack in the sidewalk, it swerved and before I knew it my new bike went down and I had toppled on top of it. Those driving by in their cars saw a sideshow for sure. Thank God I hadn’t fallen in the street and gotten run over. That would have been such a sad story. I quickly picked myself up and got back on my bike, but the chain had come off. I had to walk back home with my new bike.

And then I thought, ‘Oh, no! How embarrassing for me to go back to Roman and tell him I hadn’t even made it home without falling off my bike. The last time I fell off a bike had to have been about fifty years ago. Oh, well, I felt young again. But the chain had come off and it needed to be fixed and then I thought to myself ‘Oh, come on, you can fix a chain on a bike. You’re not that helpless.’ So, I fixed the chain and then went out riding again! It is definitely a high performance bike and it will take some time to get used to, but I am glad that I started this journey.