I woke up early, packed my bike in my Mini, took the freeway to Kanan Road, parked my car, and set out. It was still cool and there were bike riders along the way. It was a beautiful ride and I really did need the change of scenery. I can’t believe how much of California there is waiting for me to see. It truly is the most beautiful place on earth. Kanan Road was just a long string of beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants. The road was wide and the bike paths were smooth. There was a little bit of an incline, but it wasn’t too strenuous. Once I got to Westlake Blvd., I took a left and it was more of the same – beautiful scenery on each side of the path. There were several downhills and with very few uphills and that was wonderful. There was lots of shade too. Even though it was still early and not too hot, the shade made the ride extra special. Once I made it to Agoura Road, I was 2/3 of the way home. I had never seen this stretch of Agoura Road before. It was exquisite. And I passed by the Hilton Hotel Corporation. I have always loved the Hilton. Then I made it to Kanan Road – a nice little loop and I clocked in at 15.35 miles.