Suzi and I were supposed to bike out in Santa Clarita today and I was just about ready to leave when she texted me and asked if we could reschedule. No problem! But what was I to do. It was 7:30, I was all dressed and ready to go. I decided to ride my bike anyway. But, “Where to?” I asked myself and right away I got the answer, “Off to Shoshone.” I had never gone that far to Granada Hills before. I had ridden to Sierra Canyon Elementary School a few weeks ago, but adding on Shoshone and back was at least another 10 miles. I set out to do it. It was early, the earliest I had ever ridden in the Valley and it sure made a big difference. It was much cooler. I was able to ride much faster and that made all the difference in the world. I rode up the Orange Line and then when I reached Devonshire, I crossed it and then I found a bike path I hadn’t ridden before. I took it to Chatsworth and then made my way to Rinaldi. There was a bit of an incline, but I made it to the top and then rode all the way to Shoshone and even a little bit further. I took a break at Shoshone, gave myself a pat on the back and then headed back home. I got home early before the sun got too hot. Even though my initial plans were scrapped, I was glad I still made the decision to ride.

Yay! I beat my record of 27.40 and rode 29.01 miles!