Because my schedule is so packed and I wanted to complete the Amgen Challenge, I did 3 activities in 1 day. In the morning I took a cool swim in the pool. The water was great and I was able to stay in for a long time. I got in quite a few laps. And then after I went over to the jacuzzi, but it wasn’t hot so I didn’t stay long.

In the afternoon, I headed back to HSRC and when I got there I went over to the chapel and I was thrilled that they had the labyrinth set up. I didn’t walk the labyrinth, I just sat on the sidelines and meditated. I had a lot on my mind and I didn’t have peace. It had left me. I was trying to get it back.

I spent time at HSRC on my writing projects, specifically my marketing letters for the colleges and universities. Before I left HSRC I took another stroll around the lake, so that made for 3 activities in 1 day.