It had been 19 years since 9-11. It is still a sad day.

I rode with the Old Kranks today. We met at Gelson’s as usual and I didn’t realize it, but I took off with the Blazing Saddles. They really clip along, but I kept up with them. When we came to our first stop, I talked with Mary Anne and Ron, another Ron. We made our way around Westlake Village and then back to Gelson’s. Allen offered to buy me a chai latte at Gelson’s so I accepted and then we met at the side of the parking lot with a few of the other cyclists. It was a great get together.

I rode 17.20 miles with an elevation of 512 feet.

When I got back from Westlake Village, I went for a swim. Even though it had been extremely hot the beginning of the week, the pool water was a bit chilly. I think the HOA turned off the heat.

Later in the day, I wrote an email to Earl:

Hi Earl,

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I just want to let you know that riding with the Old Kranks has been an absolute joy! I never would have imagined a year ago, or even six months ago that I would be riding with such an amazing group of people. I am a stronger cyclist and a better person for having ridden with the Old Kranks. I have seen more of California than I ever have. I know how to shift. I know how to clip in and clip out. My speed and stamina have increased. I eat good food at cool places and I get to talk with really nice people. My life just keeps on getting better and better because of the Old Kranks! Thanks again.

See you next time,