Today, I rode with the Old Kranks. It was a bit cooler and I always ride better when it is cooler. We did a warm up and then we rode around the lake. I rode 21.60 miles with an elevation gain of 591 feet.

After I left the Old Kranks in Westlake, I drove to Kanan Road, parked the car in the Von’s parking lot and then rode down Kanan Road to Westlake Blvd. It was quite a long ride and then I rode Westlake Blvd, to Thousand Oaks Blvd. I could have gone to Agoura, but I decided to take Thousand Oaks Blvd to get back to Kanan. I didn’t know how many hills there were going to be. I ended up doing another 830 feet in elevation gain. Just as I got to the parking lot, I noticed Serious Cycling, the store that Allen’s daughter owns. It is good to know where there is another bike shop in the area. I did another 12.80 miles making a total of 34.40 miles for the day bring me up to 108.94.