It was really hot today and the temperature really does make a difference. While I am trying to build up my stamina and make huge leaps and bounds with uphills, when it is hot, I am at a disadvantage. The heat feels like I am riding with an extra hundred pounds. So when it is hot, I go straight and level. I can still get in a good workout without over extending myself. I don’t want to be like those athletes that workout really hard in the summer and then drop dead, so for that reason, I am really conscientious about the heat.

I am beginning to realize that there are so many things involved in riding a bike. I first had to get comfortable with my new bike. It was faster and lighter than my other bike and it took a few rides for me to get used to it. And then there are the cars. Even though the traffic is light these days, I still have to be aware of the cars, not just the moving cars, but the parked cars. I have to watch to make sure no one is going to open their door just as I am passing by.

Today I rode the bike path to Devonshire. My goal was to ride up Devonshire, past Chatsworth, take a left on Rinaldi and then ride all the way to Shoshone. Well, with the heat, I got as far as Rinaldi and DeSoto. I took a long break at Sierra Canyon School, drank my water, ate some snacks, and then I came back. I always like checking my stats when I get back home. Today, I did 16.82 miles and my elevation was 273 feet.