Today, I did the WAR ride. It was meant to be a 60+ ride to celebrate Wendy’s birthday, but I did the short version and did 42 miles, which was still pretty good. I was supposed to meet Dee and Zee at the Ventura Mission Museum, but the street was closed off. I ended up going to Emma Wood Bike Path. I parked the car and started to ride. I thought I was going to be all by myself for the day, but 10 minutes into the ride, Barbara and Michael passed me up, “Hi! Luella!” I met up with them at the fire station and then we waited for the rest of the group. They were able to fix the height of my seat. It was too low. Then the rest of the group showed up and we rode the coast, to Bates Road, up the hill and then we road through Carpintaria and then Summerland. We stopped for coffee and tea at the Red Kettle. Then we headed back. They were going to go for lunch at the Hollywood Beach Café, but I skipped it and came home.