Today, I rode to Calabasas again. I like going in that direction. The bike paths are wide and there aren’t as many cars. I set out in the early afternoon and as I was leaving my building I ran into Greg and Karen. They had not seen my bike yet and they were very impressed with it. Karen gave me a fanny pack, since I didn’t have one and I was putting my keys in my socks and taping my phone to my bike.

I had a nice ride. The temperature was a little cooler, about 66 degrees. I took the same route; down Burbank, left on Valley Circle, right on Mulholland, left on Mureau all the way to Las Virgenes. There were quite a lot of cyclists on the road today, maybe because it was Saturday. I am gaining a little bit more confidence on the downhills and I am going a lot faster. The ride back is always a little bit tougher because it is uphill. I have to take pauses every so often. My goal is to make it uphill without stopping.