Today was a big day. I met up with “the group” – 5 wonderful women who are all cyclist. Suzi arranged the whole day. I met Sue at her house in Westlake and then we met up with Suzi, Gail, Tracey, and Noreen. And then we headed up the coast all the way to Carpentaria! The ride was glorious. On my left was the beautiful Pacific Ocean, to my right Pacific Coast Highway. The path was wonderful. Once we hit Carpentaria there were many beautiful country back roads. I am seeing so many parts of California that I never knew existed. It really is the most beautiful state and I am so glad I live here and I am so glad that I am riding the CCC.

We stopped for some food at The Spot. I really love all these women who I am training with and I am so glad I found them. Then when we went back to Sue’s house. She gave me so many things – windbreakers, phone holders, pouch for the back of my bike.

I had recorded my ride on Strava, but when we stopped to eat, I hit the pause button, but I forgot to turn it back on once we got on the road again. I was so bummed because once I realized my mistake I had gone 8 miles without recording it. It looked like I had only gone 33.3 miles and I knew I had gone farther than that!