Today, was the longest ride to date, but it was a tough ride. I really started to have my doubts about my abilities.

I rode to Calabasas. I started down Burbank Blvd, around El Camino Real High School and then a left on Valley Circle, over the freeway and then a right on Mulholland. There were two uphill climbs and I did both of them without stopping. The third uphill climb I had to stop just for a few minutes and then I continued on to the top. A right on Mureau Road and then it was all downhill. It was so cool. The speed and the wind were truly exhilarating. I took a left on Las Virgenes, over the freeway and then right on Agoura Road. I wanted to go further than I had previously gone and I did. I rode straight down Agoura Road all the way to Chesebro. The wide bike paths make it so easy, but the uphills are a challenge. I could have gone further, but I have to remind myself that however far I go I always have to ride the same distance back. So I turned back at Chesebro. The ride back was difficult for me and once I got to Mureau Road it was a tough climb. I had done it several times before and I couldn’t understand why is was so difficult this time. I mean, it should be getting easier, right? After several stops I finally made it to the top of Mureau Drive and then to the pet park, filled up on water and then I headed home.

It still bothered me why I had such a tough time on the way back. And then it dawned on me that it had to have been the weather. It was hotter than usual; 77 degrees and I think my body had more of a reaction to the heat than to the uphill climbs and that’s what slowed me down.

I always like to check my stats when I get home. 27.40 miles with an elevation of 1,922 ft. So that was pretty good, but I was really tired.