It was the perfect day for a bike ride. The temperature was just right, 66 degrees. I never want to get bored, so today I rode north up to Chatsworth. My last few rides, I went west in the direction of Calabasas, so today I went north to give myself a little bit of variety. There would be more traffic, but I wanted to avoid the uphills. Today would be all straight and level. I took Burbank to Valley Circle all the way to Vanowen. I took a right on Vanowen and rode all the way to Canoga and then I took the bike path all the way to Chatsworth. The bike path is wide and it runs side by side with the Metro Orange Line. It was straight and level the entire route. I was able to go really fast too. So I am gaining speed. I reached Devonshire and then headed back. I got to Chase, took a right and then took a left on Fallbrook and then home. I always look forward to getting home and checking my stats. I love this app Strava. Today I rode 21.54 miles, with an elevation of 385 ft. I average about 10 miles an hour.