I headed up to Ventura to Patagonia where I met up with Gail and Dave. I always like riding with Dave. He adds such a special something to the ride. It’s his personality. He is just so down to earth!

So, we headed up the coast and maintained an easy pace all the way to Bates. We made several stops along the way.

Dave told me that we didn’t have to ride 525 miles, like the usual CCC, but he still wants to ride 525 miles and I do too. I really wanted to ride from San Francisco, but I think I will do some interesting rides.

We got to Bates and then turned back. It was a beautiful day. The temperature was great! I think this is my favorite ride. I just love it.

I did 25.47 miles a little under 2 hours with an elevation of 371 feet.

When I got home my mirror had been delivered. I attach the mirror to my sunglasses, so I can see what is behind me as I ride.