Back to Patagonia, where I met with Gail, Sue, and Dave. Even though I was tired from the day before I was excited about this ride. I love riding up the coast. We made our way up Ventura along the beach all the way to Bates Road. We took a few stops here and there. Once we got to Bates we did a turnaround and came back to Patagonia. The ride was a lot easier than yesterday, but I still clocked a little over 26 miles. So, for two day ride I did a little under 70 miles.

When I came home that day, I felt really good about myself and all that I was able to achieve, but the next few days, I was really sore. It was the sorest I had ever felt from riding my bike. I didn’t think I was ever going to recover. It seemed as though each day my muscles got sorer and sorer, finally by Thursday, my muscles felt normal again.