Today, I met Suzi, Noreen, Gail, and Dave up in Fillmore. We had a great ride all through the town. It is really amazing all the beautiful places in California that I have never even seen before. I never knew there were so many orange groves and lemon groves in California. It was hot though. We made a stop about ½ way through our ride and I had some water, but I had put an energy boost in it and the granules irritated my throat. It made me cough a lot. It was awful. I stayed toward the back so no one heard me coughing. I coughed so much tears were coming out of my eyes. It wasn’t until later in the day that I finally got a handle on it.

I journeyed on with the rest of the group and we did quite a bit of exploring. We ended up riding for a little over 25 miles.

Noreen asked me if I wanted to ride with her and I am excited about doing that. She is a fast rider and I think we will motivate each other. She is also going to give me some shoes and help me get pedals.

Next week, we are off to Camarillo!