Today, I was on my own. I have to ride 525 miles in October and I don’t want to get behind. I really want to stay on top of things. So I will ride with the Old Kranks every chance I can, but I will also ride by myself on the days that the Old Kranks don’t ride. Today, I woke up early and headed up to Chatsworth. One of the benefits of riding by myself is that I don’t have to meet up with anybody. I just take off from my house and ride around the San Fernando Valley. The San Fernando Valley can be busy, but early on a Sunday morning is the best time to ride your bike in the valley. It was so peaceful, quiet, and not a lot of traffic. I was still vigilant for cars, but with fewer cars, it was a nicer ride, for sure. I rode down Burbank to Platt, took a left to Valley Circle and had a nice ride through West Hills. I crossed over Roscoe and rode to Topanga and then took a left and then a right on Eccles and rode to the Orange Line and then all the way to Devonshire. I continued straight to Rinaldi and rode all the way to North Hills and then rode back. On the way back I met up with another cyclist at a stop light. He had just started cycling. I invited him to join the Old Kranks! I continued back along the Orange Line, made my way back to Fallbrook and then headed back home. I logged 36.54 miles to bring my total to: 180.64.