Today, I rode all the way to Devonshire. I rode the bike path along the Metro Orange line. I am gaining more and more confidence as I ride my new bike. I feel I could have gone farther, but my butt was feeling it, so I came home.

One of the things that I always remember to do is to “LOOK”.

That was the first word that I learned how to spell. That is such an important word, especially if you are riding a bike. I am constantly looking at the path ahead of me. I have to be watching for potholes, cracks in the pavement and if I am on a sidewalk I have to look for uneven squares so I won’t fall down again. And lastly, I always have to look for the drivers. I don’t really like riding my bike where there are a lot of cars. Drivers aren’t always cognizant of cyclists, even though we have the right of way.

When I come to a stop, I like to make eye contact with the driver who is also stopped and sometimes I wave and sometimes they wave back. I find that men drivers wave back more than female drivers. I wonder what that’s all about.