It was so hot, I couldn’t ride or hike. I felt bad that I wouldn’t get a work out and then I thought, “the pool!” That’s it! I could go swimming. I had seen kids in the pool over the weekend, so it was open. I thought it was heated, but I was in for a big surprise.

The pool had been cleaned and it looked beautiful. There was a woman sitting at the shallow end. Once I stepped in, I realized the pool was not heated. I struck up a conversation with the woman sitting on the steps of the pool. She told me that she used to go swimming in February before COVID, when it was really cold. So that really inspired me. I slowly entered the pool one inch at a time. Once I got my whole body wet I was ready for laps.

I don’t think I swam last year. Because I was so sick, I don’t think I went in the pool at all. But now, I quickly got used to the temperature and then did my laps. I swam a little freestyle and then I went to the breaststroke, that’s my favorite. I did quite a few laps. It felt good.

As I got out of the pool. I talked again with the lady in the shallow end. Her name is Maria. She inspired me to go in the pool when it is cold.