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Why Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone is Probably the Best Thing You Could Ever Do — with guest, Luella Wagner

Every week Nicola chooses a topic along with a guest who can support the message she wants to share, and this week she is super excited to introduce you to Luella Wagner who is a public speaker, performer, writer and teacher. Through Luella’s own story of losing her job in California and suddenly finding herself driving to Montana to teach at a Native American Indian Reservation reveals incredible personal growth, challenges and hardships that took her completely out of her comfort zone.

Discover what transpired from this unexpected curve ball and took Luella on an inner journey of releasing conflict, old beliefs to a new world of understanding the adage, bloom where you are planted to a much deeper level of understanding and helping others to do the same through their own journeys of determination and survival. Her 284 days of being in the ‘cave’ where she was taken on a journey of being disconnected from everything ‘normal’ to her, and experiencing sweat lodges, healings and deeply connected spiritual work that turned her life inside out, makes for a fascinating interview.

Find out why a major change in your life makes a beautiful opportunity for growth, letting go of old patterns, and bringing you an experience that will define you and take you to a new level of adventure and experience.

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