It was cool today and I had to take full advantage of the weather. It was in the 70’s. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go and then I thought straight and level. I hadn’t been up to Chatsworth for a while so I headed up that direction. I had a conference call at 4:00, so I had to be back by then. I took off around 12:30. I headed up Fallbrook and then made my way over to Canoga and then followed the bike path all the way to Devonshire. I crossed Devonshire and then rode to Sierra Canyon Elementary School and took a break there. The security guard was working so I struck up a conversation with him. He told me school was going back late August. Maybe I will see him again when I go back to school. I continued on a little bit further. There is a steady incline in front of Sierra Canyon High School, so I did get in some elevation work and then I headed back home.

I logged 21.21 miles in a little under 2 hours.