I rode with the Old Kranks. I rode with the fast group. I am really keeping a good pace with this group. At one point I lost the group, but I was behind Barbara. I ended up riding with her for the rest of the ride. We took some new streets and then we stopped back at Gelson’s for a bathroom break. We had clocked about 12 miles, but that was not enough. We headed back to the lake. Barbara and I had a chance to talk and I am glad we did. She gave me quite a few good ideas for raising money. It is a little too late to do some serious fundraising, but she told me $500 was good. She did tell me about auctions, wine tastings, corporate sponsorships, friends and family. I was really glad that I rode with her. She really got my wheels turning; my wheels on my bike and my wheels in my head. We ended up going a lot further than what I usually do with the Old Kranks.

I rode 26 miles in 2 hours and 2 minutes, so I am really clipping along.